Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

Linus Torvalds

I have contributed to many public FOSS projects and made some myself.
I was Gentoo Linux developer from 2017 until 2022.
I operate an XMPP server since 2015.

Contributions to FOSS

Own projects

  • taskdb is a personal task and goal tracking system.

    • Versatile interfaces: SQL, any calendaring apps, shell, visual diagrams
    • Fit for different complexity levels and scopes: TODO list, project management, quantified self
  • XMPP service. Online since 2015.

  • Wearable Computer Affordable and practical one, devised by me.

  • makes public datasets available for SQL querying.

  • WHDD

    HDD diagnostic and data recovery tool for Linux. Uses ATA commands to communicate with devices on low level. Available as a package in Linux distros. Preinstalled in some live systems, e.g. System Rescue CD.

  • imgs2video

    Solution for perpetual generation of timelapse video from webcam images. Supports distribution of data processing and is resilient to networking problems.

    Custom built for a maritime company to generate and centralise video footage from vessels. Unreliability and low bandwidth of the connection between the vessels and the central server have been the fundamental factor in the design.